Eric Alvarez
Miami, Florida
FPA Member Since 1976



Dr. Eric Alvarez is a past President of the FPA.  A graduate of Florida A&M University of 1975, and received his Pharm.D. from NOVA Southeastern University in 1994.  An independent pharmacy owner for 20 years and a Hospital Pharmacy Director for McKesson Medication Management division for 8 years at Westchester General Hospital and Southern Winds Psychiatric Hospital from 2001-2009.  Dr. Alvarez was credentialed to serve in the Florida Board of Pharmacy and chaired this body in 2006.  A recipient of  numerous awards, among these, the James H. Beal "Pharmacist of the Year" in 1994 and the coveted "Bowl of Hygeia" in 2010. An avid member of the FPA remaining active since 1974 and participating in most if not all of the working Councils and Committees.  He is active in leadership in his local Interamerican Pharmacists Association  and is known for his strong leadership, passionate about making pharmacists recognized as Health Care Providers in Florida through sound legislation and making sure pharmacists achieve the  duly earned recognition that they are "indispensable anywhere where medications are dispensed."  Dr. Alvarez resides in Miami with his wife Natalie. 

"My brothers and sisters in Pharmacy:

I'm so excited about this election...I'm so happy that after all these years we have remained in touch and still speak to each other about the ills and joys of our beloved profession.  If I win the President-elect position for the second time, will give me the opportunity to serve you with 40 years of experience in the FPA and will allow me to put into priority and practice what you, my brothers and sisters, have shown me is important to you.  Up front we must increase the pharmacist demand, for this I have a plan.  We must derail any attempt to substitute your expertise by any onerous and dangerous changes in pharmacies to technician ratio, for this I have a plan.  To continue to work and facilitate to entities such as APhA to develop ways for pharmacists to come of age and become providers, for this I have a plan.

I need your vote, let's get things done and moving forward.  When you see me, come up and talk to me...I'm all ears.  If too shy; write me at