Barbara Beadle
FPA Member Since 2012


Barbara Beadle has lived in Brevard County, FL since 1979.  Barbara received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of Florida in 2013.  Barbara Began her career with Target in 2013 and is currently the manager of a CVS in Target in Brevard county. While in school, she founded the student chapter of NCPA at the Orlando campus and served as the president for the inauguration year.  Since graduating, she has become active with the Brevard County Pharmacy Association, holding the position of treasurer and president.  She has served in the House of Delegates for FPA in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  In 2017, she co-wrote two resolutions and presented them to the house of delegates.  She lives in Palm Bay, FL with her husband, Howard, and has a 26 year old son.

Position Statement:

I am passionate about our responsibility to advocate for our profession.  So much of our profession is regulated by men and women that have no experience in pharmacy and no understanding of the opportunities that they can unlock by tapping into the expertise of the pharmacy profession.  I believe that we must stand up with one voice and be heard by our legislators and educate them on the benefits that a pharmacist can offer to our communities.  Provider status is a huge opportunity for us and we cannot afford to let that slip by.   The Florida Pharmacy Association offers us a large organization and the opportunity to be that one large voice and to be heard and acknowledged as the vital part of the health care community that we are.  It is my hope that as the region 6 director, I can add my voice to the many that work tirelessly to be heard and to help effect a change that will positively impact our profession and the patients that we care for everyday.