Paul Delisser
FPA Member Since 2010


I graduated in 1994 from Northeastern University Bouve College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, Massachusetts over 20 years ago.

My wife and family moved to south Florida 22 years ago. I have been a Retail Department Pharmacy Manager with the Walgreens Company for over 18 years. In addition, I have had the experience of working in the Pharmacy Department of Wellington Regional Hospital.

As a community Pharmacist, I have had the broad exposure of working in various communities that gave me privy to diversified income groups, and cultures. This experience has contributed to my growth as an individual, as well as a community Pharmacist. I have developed an insight with the elderly by recognizing their fears of the unknown as it relates to their health, and the advantage counseling contributes to their peace of mind. In dealing with our communities that are faced with economic challenges, I have found fulfillment in the way these communities rely on their neighborhood Pharmacists to educate and explain their prescriptions and their benefits with a fuller understanding to improve their health. As a certified immunizer, reaching out to our local schools, businesses, and churches immunizing their staff members is a way to bridge our profession with our community, resulting with a renewed appreciation for the service we provide.

I am looking forward to working with our members to elevate the profession of Pharmacy because it is a vital component of the Health Care profession. Our knowledge, experience, and training, significantly contributes to the health and wellness of our patients, and our community as a whole.

My commitment to the Pharmacy profession is quantified by the dedication I have made through mentoring our Pharmacy students, and Pharmacy technicians. Our Pharmacy students from Nova South Eastern University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and The University of Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy are part of our mentoring program. By sharing the knowledge of our profession and encouraging them to be members of their local and state Pharmacy Associations they will make a difference to the future of our profession. Serving on various posts of the Pharmacy Associations for the last 15 years, and as the current President of the Palm Beach County Pharmacy Association, further supports the dedication I have for our profession, and the improvement of our services. As the District 6 Regional Director, I will continue to energize our members through increased membership, dialogue and advocating for the Pharmacy profession.

I am currently seeking the post as the District 7 Regional Director, please give me your vote of support to continue working diligently in conjunction with our members to improve the quality of service to our community and the members of our association.