Gary Koesten
Parkland, Florida
FPA Member Since 2000



Dear FPA members.

My name is Gary Koesten and I am honored to be your candidate for FPA President Elect.

Lets work together to keep FPA strong and the profession stronger.

I received my B. Pharm. and M.S. Pharmacy Administration from Long Island University. I am also licensed in Florida as a Consultant Pharmacist. My experiences as a pharmacist have included hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, chain pharmacy, and mail-order pharmacy. I am currently President of Vet Pharm Consulting, Inc. My experiences have given me a broad, balanced insight into the issues that have, and continue to affect, pharmacy.

I have been an active member of FPA since 2000. Currently, I serve FPA as Chairman of the House of Delegates Board of Directors. This past year I was Speaker of the House of Delegates. I have been Vice President and a Trustee of the Florida Pharmacy Foundation and a member of the Professional Affairs Council. I served two terms as President of the Broward County Pharmacy Association and remain an active member of the BCPA Board of Directors. I have presented board of pharmacy approved and ACPE Continuing Education programs. I have also participated in Legislative Days in Tallahassee.

I see a number of issues that affect us as pharmacists in Florida. These include:

1. Support for HR 4190. Passage of this bill will finally give pharmacists provider status under Medicare and allow for pharmacists to be reimbursed for services for which they cannot currently be paid. Provider status should increase primary care opportunities for pharmacists in areas such as Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

2. Increasing membership in FPA. This will empower pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians to take an active role in furthering the profession through participation in FPA. I was Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy. I have spent many years supervising pharmacy students and technicians. I know that pharmacy students and pharmacy technicians want to be involved in their profession. They need their voices heard through advocacy and legislation. Student interns are the professions future. I need to know there are leadership opportunities and mentors for interns throughout FPA.

3. Removing barriers preventing pharmacists from providing immunization services for all vaccines. Why are we restricted when many other states have no restrictions?

4. Allowing expansion of practice privileges for pharmacy interns to provide immunization services. As students they are trained in immunization technique. Why can’t this be expanded to practice sites in the community? How about interns providing MTM services or other certifications that can enhance patient care?

5. Medical marijuana. I understand there are pros and cons. But based on voter input this November, don’t we want to prevent Florida from becoming another California?

6. Expanding the role of the pharmacy technician and giving input to the board of pharmacy regarding the 6:1 pharmacy technician ratio. The ratio is law. However, lets understand that supervising more than 3 technicians is an individual pharmacist issue. Some pharmacist’s can, some cannot. Is 6:1 valid in a community pharmacy? A mail-order pharmacy? Also, as the role of the pharmacist changes, how can we best utilize our pharmacy technicians? Do we need PTCB certification, not just registration?

The above are my priorities. How will I achieve these? I can only do this with your help. I need your voice to be heard. I need your input. I need you to reach out to me with your comments and concerns. Maybe you have other priorities? My email address is:

In addition to my leadership roles in the organizations I belong to, I have also had leadership roles in the profession as Prescription Department Manager, Pharmacy District Supervisor, Division Director of Pharmacy, Director of Professional Placement, and Director of Pharmacy Services.

FPA is your organization and through your participation and my leadership, if we work together, I am convinced we can succeed to keep FPA strong and our profession stronger.

Thank you for your support.