William Napier
FPA Member since 1981


I have been a member of the Florida Pharmacy association since graduation from the university of Florida college of pharmacy in 1981, though I have never held and elected office I have been pretty involved in the organization attending conventions and continuing education meetings.

I have also been involved in shaping legislation to protect our profession from the evil forces that seek to destroy it or at least downgrade it

I have testified on behalf of our profession in Tallahassee several times, as well as Board of pharmacy meetings regarding the dispensing of opioid pain medications

I remain passionate about the practice of pharmacy. For the past 25 years i have been fortunate and proud to own a independent community pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida.
The pharmacy (Panama pharmacy ) was founded in 1928 and I have been its guide and protector for the last quarter of a century.

As a drug store owner you must be like the turkey is to thanksgiving, all in,
it is a consuming life. All activities and thoughts must center on the success of the pharmacy and the patients you serve.

Recently I have passed to torch to a fine young pharmacist Kevin Duane so now I feel I have the time to devote to becoming FPA president elect

I am also involved in Apha and NCPA and well as serving with my local Duvall county pharmacy association for several years a on the board of directors

I would appreciate your support of this office.