Allison Underwood
FPA Member Since 2004


Allison graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill receiving her pharmacy degree in 1994. She became a resident of Florida in 1995. Allison worked as a pharmacist in the US Public Health Service retiring in 2013. The restraints of the Federal Government gave her great experience in managing a tight budget. She now works part time serving inmates in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This unique practice gives her an expanded view of pharmacy beyond the norm.

Allison served as President of the Leon County Pharmacy Association (LCPA) from 2004 until it was dissolved several years later. Her duties included informing the members about FPA news, introducing the speaker at monthly meetings, and determining the local scholarship recipient each year. During this time from 2005 until 2008, she spent several years representing region 1 as a regional delegate (now regional director). This position was a wonderful way to observe and learn about the inner workings of the FPA. For the annual meeting in 2005 Allison served as a delegate representing LCPA.

Position Statement:

Since retirement I have looked for ways to become more involved in my community. I currently volunteer at St. Marks’s National Wildlife Refuge enjoying my love of the outdoors. Volunteering as treasurer of the Florida Pharmacy Association would allow me to gain more insight into this special organization. I would work closely with the staff and members to ensure the sustainability of the FPA for years to come. I’ve always loved to crunch numbers and would use this skill to help ensure the financial stability of the FPA. My experience managing a tight budget would come in handy if elected treasurer. I encourage all members to become more involved in their local and state pharmacy organizations. We need to be the voice of our profession so we are not left behind. I thank you for your support.