Jennifer Chen
FPA Member Since 2009



Jennifer Chen grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and moved to Gainesville, Florida to attend the University of Florida. She graduated with her bachelors in Food Science and Human Nutrition in 2009 and Doctor of Pharmacy in 2013 from University of Florida College of Pharmacy. She just recently married her husband Simon.

LOCAL ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES: She has been active in the Alachua County Association of Pharmacist since she was a pharmacy student and now currently serves as Vice President/President-Elect. She currently works as a compounding pharmacist for Walgreens in Marion County.

FPA ACTIVITIES: She has been an active member of FPA since her first year of pharmacy school serving on the professional affairs council from 2009-2014, professional affairs chair in 2013, and currently serves as a member of organizational affairs council and interim BOD for Region 1. She was the first student to serve as chair in the FPA.

In her community she advocates for the homeless and those in need through Christian organizations. She is currently part of the Alachua County Medical Reserves Corp and response to disaster emergencies and health precautions for large events.

Position Statement: Pharmacy is changing and we want it to change for the better – for increased job opportunity, for provider recognition, and for improved patient care. It takes all pharmacist, technicians, students, and our patients to advocate for the changes we need to see in our profession. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the Florida Pharmacy Association in the capacity as Director of Region 1 to broaden the scope of pharmacy, to encourage action and communication from pharmacist in Region 1 to be the voice of the future of pharmacy, and strengthen the profession as a whole.