Mitchell Fingerhut
Member since 1976



Mitchell Fingerhut Pharm.D.; MS-CIS; MBA-HA. Is President and CEO of Clinical Rx, Inc. which is a provider of Renal consulting services.  He is also a Clinical Pharmacist with US Medical Supply, Inc.  Much of his professional career has been split between hospital and independent pharmacy practice.  He graduated Brooklyn College of Pharmacy and did a Clinical internship at Maimomodies Hospital and Medical center in Brooklyn, NY.  Mitchell also attended the University of Miami and received an MBA in Health Care administration and a Master’s of science in Computer Information systems.  He also completed a Health Care Residency in Healthcare administration where he successfully completed a Certificate of Need.  He received his Pharm D from Nova Southeastern College of while working full time as director of two local hospitals.

Mitchell has been on the board of Directors of Broward County Pharmacy association since 1985 and has been president and chairman of the board.  He has held various positions with the Florida Pharmacy Association such as vice-chairman and chairman of the Home Health care section of the Academy of Pharmacy Practice, Advisory Board of Pharmacy Provider Service Corporation, Legislative committee and Board of Director of Region 10 and currently Region 9.  He was appointed Legislative committee of APHA 2009 to 2011.

Position Statement: It is with great honor to be nominated as a candidate for Board of Directors of the Florida Pharmacy Association.   I believe my prior positions with county, state and federal Pharmacy associations will prepare me to better serve the Pharmacists of Region 9.  I believe that Pharmacy should be of one united voice instead of community, Hospital, and institutional that is why he has continuous supported Broward County Pharmacy Association, Florida Pharmacy Association, and the American Pharmacy, Association.   We need one voice when we deal with regulatory agencies, legislators, and other healthcare providers.

I believe that our patients need direction and input from Pharmacist so that they can optimize their medication therapies.   That is why I help pass Pharmacist ordering Labs when he was chairman of the Home Health Care section of the Academy of Pharmacy Practice.  He also strongly supports Pharmacy provider status with Medicare and other national health insurances. 

It will be my honor and privilege to serve Region 9 again, and that is why I ask for your vote.