Alexander Pytlarz
Herndon, virginia
FPA Member Since October 2002



Alexander earned his PharmD from the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently a pharmacist at The Compounding CenteRx in Leesburg, Virginia. In addition, Alexander has provided consulting services to community pharmacists/pharmacies who plan to start, grow or expand their current pharmacy offerings to include compounding and/or long-term care services.

Alexander has been actively involved in advocating and working for pharmacy associations for many years. After graduation, Alexander completed an Executive Residency in association management where he assumed the position of Executive Resident for the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP). During his residency, Alexander was exposed to all aspects of association management from meeting planning to lobbying on Capitol Hill.

Alexander’s involvement in association work didn’t end after the year-long residency. Upon relocating to Florida he continued advocacy work with ASCP and quickly became active within the Florida Pharmacy Association (FPA). Over the years Alexander has been selected to chair and serve on multiple committees and councils including the Legislative Committee and Organizational Affairs Council. In addition, Alexander has served on the FPA Budget and Finance committee for more than 4 years, and most recently he was elected and served as the FPA Speaker of the House of Delegates and subsequently served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the FPA House of Delegates.


Greetings fellow Floridians who share a passion for the pharmacy profession! It is with great honor to be considered a candidate for Treasurer of the Florida Pharmacy Association. Having served on various committees and elected positions for the FPA, including membership on the Budget and Finance Committee for 4 years, I feel my past involvements within the Association have prepared me for the great challenge and reward of serving as Treasurer of the FPA Budget and Finance committee.

As the FPA Treasurer, I will work closely with leadership and other members within the Association to ensure that the financial future of the FPA is viable and able to support the Association and it’s endeavors for the long-term. Considering the challenges of membership growth, the ever-increasing expenses and the current economic state of the nation which is affecting many aspects of our professional and personal lives, my hope is to maintain a positive outlook and provide financial guidance to the Association in order to help combat these challenges. Together with the leadership and Association members, I will strive to focus on the future. I believe my professional leadership experiences have provided me the knowledge, skills and networks to make the necessary financial decisions to help keep the FPA strong during my term and beyond.

It would be an honor and privilege to serve as your FPA Treasurer, and I ask for your vote.