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2018-2019 Legislative Agenda


The 2018-2019 Legislative Agenda was drafted by the Governmental Affairs Committee and brought to the FPA Board of Directors for adoption. This plan takes into consideration previous years’ policy issues and resolutions from the FPA House of Delegates. 


High Priority 

  •  Pharmacy Benefits Managers: Network adequacy, transparency, audit protection
  • Telehealth/Telepharmacy
  • Remote Supervision (recent ruling for technicians created by the Board of Pharmacy at the August 7th and 8th meetings)

  • Remote Dispensing
  • Point of Care / Test and Treat

  • Collaborative Practice Agreements (FSHP collaboration)
  • Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Program (AHCA and FPA)


Middle Priority

  •  Opioids/PDMP
  • Metrics in Pharmacy Practice (APhA passed resolution for 2018): remove metrics for purposes of patient safety and the practice of health care services
  • Provider Status

  • Patient Access for Pharmacy of Choice: Advocate for patient access to their pharmacy of choice (no closed networks, mail order restriction)

  • Continuity of Care: Advocate for changes in Florida laws to allow pharmacists to dispense a 30-day supply of maintenance medications when the prescriber cannot be contacted (current 3-day supply)

  • Disease Prevention/Health Promotion: Advocate for changes in FS 465.009 regarding 3-hour vaccine safety requirements that should allow ACPE providers to deliver this program and not be restricted to FMA

  • ‘Bait and Switch’: preventing insurance companies from changes to formulary mid contract

  • Access to Care: Advocate for pharmacists to have prescribing authority for prescription drug delivery aids, devices or accessories


Low Priority

  • Medical Marijuana
  • Prescription Drug Donation Repository 


Emerging Issues & Issues to Monitor

  • Automated Dispensing Devices – FL BOP
  • Hospice PBMs: Driving up costs to patients through hospice billing

  • Opioids & Controlled Substance Prescribing

  • Promotion and education on FA 384.27 - Expedited Partner Therapy

  • PBM Transparency & MAC Pricing (PBMs are registering with Office of Insurance Regulation instead of BOP, but they’re NOT updating MAC pricing lists every 7 days)

    • Monitor for enforcement of the law regarding MAC pricing

  • Pharmacist administration of antipsychotics - FPA is working with the FMA to develop the content and training program (SB328/HB543)

  • HB589 - Prescription Drug Pricing Transparency increased drugs from 100 to 300 and updated monthly

  • Diabetes Advisory Council (SB296)