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American Pharmacist Month
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October is the American Pharmacist Month

National Pharmacy Technician Day is Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This October help us to celebrate and recognize pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in all fields for their commitment to patient safety, community and their profession. What is amazing is that consumers are not aware of the many services available from their pharmacists.  We use this month to bring to the public's attention the work our colleagues are doing to improve quality of health through managing medications, advocating for compliance, and being available to answer questions to complex health issues.  We are in fact the most likely health care professional that a patient will see when is a medicaiton concern that needs the attention of a licensed, trained and qualified health care provider.

American Pharmacists Month Objectives Are To;

  • Recognize the vital contributions made by pharmacists to health care in the United States;
  • To enhance the image of pharmacists as the medication experts and an integral part of the health care team, not just dispensers of medication;
  • Educate the public, policy makers, pharmacists, and other health care professionals about the key role played by pharmacists in reducing overall health care costs by improved medication use and advanced patient care;

A Glimpse at Our Past:

"National Pharmaceutical Week” was proposed by Robert J. Ruth, a pharmacist from Asheville, NC, at the 1924 APhA Annual Meeting. The first celebration was on October 11-17, 1925. The American Pharmacists Month was launched in 2004 by the APhA, with a campaign designed to encourage pharmacy patients to "Know Your Medicine, Know Your Pharmacist."

In 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush acknowledged the important role pharmacy professionals play in the lives of Americans.

How You Can Help Us Celebrate:


1.) Get the Message Out to the Community:

a.) Put up displays or give educational talks at pharmacies, senior center, schools, libraries, medical centers and to a variety groups such as the Girl scouts, YMCA, and the Girls and Boys Clubs. Do not forget your local places of worship.

b.) Join the National Campaign and support pharmacy organization such as the APhA effort for national outreach and recognition.

2.) Put the Media Spotlight on it:

a.) Make a list of media outlets that you can reach and tailor your message accordingly

Enter here for an APhA resource
. (Generating Media Interest and Sample Public Relations Templates)

b.) Local media would be interested if you have a personal story or a local event. Regional or national media is more issue driven. You can also write an editorial or an opinion story and contact the local, state or national newspapers. Your topics do not only have to be health related.

c.) Do not forget the radio. Many radio talk shows have a variety of issues that they are interested in and they have a diversity of formats where you can make a contribution.

d.) It is who you know. Before contacting a journalist, it pays off to read about them and the type of stories that they cover. You will have more success if the journalist was interested in pharmacy related stories in the past. Do not get discouraged if you do not get an answer right away. The key is persistence.

3.) Get Recognition:

a.) If your city, municipality or other government body has not yet recognized October as the American Pharmacist month it is time to get them involved.

b.) There two ways about getting your local government to issue a proclamation. The first thing you have to do is to find out, if the proclamation can be given without the city council or state legislature action.

If the above parties are not involved:

  • Contact your mayor office to find out the detail steps on how the proclamation is given.
  • Use appropriate language (See sample templates below). Make sure to include relevant facts about pharmacy and its impact on local events, economy or history.
  • Get support from pharmacy leaders and organizations in your local area and beyond and do not forget to include prominent business leaders who work with those organizations and groups. To make the process easier, provide sample letters and addresses.
If legislative action is required to issue a proclamation:
  • Contact the local representative’s office to get instructions for the process of issuing a proclamation.
  • Get a sponsor for the resolution. Your best chance for success is to find an official that supports pharmacy issues or one that you can educate. You will also need to with the sponsor to find potential cosponsors and lobby for support.
  • Use appropriate language (See sample templates below)

Proclamation Template in Word

c.) After the proclamation is issued and the ceremony is over make sure to send letters of appreciation, and make follow up phone calls.

4.) Time to really use the Social Media:

a.) Put up daily or weekly links, pictures or stories on social site such as Facebook , Thumbler or Pinterest and Twitter. Make sure you have permission from the involved parties before tagging, and use captions, and if you always wanted to start a blog, this is a great opportunity to finally get your wish.

b.) You can also record a Podcast or a Youtube video showing how you celebrate American Pharmacist Month.

For more information and how to join "Know Your Medicine, Know Your Pharmacist" and more details please go to the APhA website at

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